new and improved

This afternoon I ventured over to Elliott Bay Book Company’s brand new Capitol Hill location. Which turns out to be so very much like the old location. The same lovely stained glass above the entrance, the same chunky bookcases, and the good Rick Simonson puttering about the front of the house. They’ve really recaptured that wonderful feeling of the Pioneer Square store. However. This place also has higher ceilings, stunning windows, and lots of elbow room around the tables. Not to mention more skinny jeans, funky hair, starving writers, men holding hands. Sometimes newer really is better. Me, I’m just glad to see one of the best bookstores on the planet surviving these uneasy times.

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  1. Eric

    Audrey —
    I found, and bought, your book at Elliott Bay the other day when I force-marched the kids over to see the new incarnation of the bookstore. It’s wonderful to see the bookstore alive. I also survived years of medical residency at Harborview with the Great Dr C, and I think I know most of the docs and some of the patients in your book, so I am having a great time reading it. (The challenge will be whether I can coerse my teenager into reading it). Well done.

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