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Check out this latest review of House of Hope and Fear: Life in a Big City Hospital, which was published in today’s Bellingham Herald.



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2 responses to “a local review

  1. George Sterne, M.D.

    I just read (with appreciation) “The House of Hope and Fear” and was struck with how much has changed medically and how little has changed in the underlying social problems since I was an Intern at Charity Hospital in New Orleans in 1956-57. We had much less to offer in treatment, and were equally frustrated that our patients who were successfully treated returned to inadequate housing, food, etc and then to the hospital. Children rescued from meningitis, anemia, and malnutrition returned with infected rat bites, etc. I agree with your comments about the medical/pharma complex and the need for reform of the payment method for doctors and a public option. As a retired (by hurricane Katrina) pediatrician, now semi employed part time as an ER doctor at Childrens Hospital in New Orleans, I particularly appreciated the perspective. Best wishes for continued success to the author in medicine and writing. I do believe there may be some progress in physcans attitudes. The night of the Kennedy/ Nixon election I was a lone supporter of Kennedy; the next morning, the same docs were calling for “Social Service, this man needs transportation this woman must have help getting money for her medicine, this child can’t go back to that leaking roof, rat infested hovel”. Of course, in retrospect, Nixon supported universal health care when he was president. George Sterne

  2. audrey

    Thanks for this perspective on providing medical care for the underserved during the last 50 years. I find it amazing and stupefying to be able to offer patients thousand-dollar MRI and CT scans and yet know they may not even get three decent meals each day after their discharge from the hospital.

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