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HOHAF @ Elliott Bay

It’s been a busy seven days. Last Friday just as House of Hope and Fear was arriving in stores, I drove to Olympia, Wash., for an appearance at the Barnes & Noble there. I read from several stories, including one about a woman who delayed medical attention because she lacked health insurance, and became extremely ill. This ignited a terrific discussion with the audience about health care reform.

This past Tuesday I went on the local NPR affiliate, KUOW 90.3, where the advertised topic was life in a big city hospital, but what we really talked about for most of the hour was — yup — health care reform. Also on the show were an ER physician and an ER nurse, who see firsthand how bad it is for patients with no health insurance.

Tonight I’ll be reading at my favorite bookstore on the planet, Elliott Bay Books, where House of Hope and Fear has been selected as a staff pick. KUOW radio will be taping the event to air at a later date. I’ll tell a few stories, then open up the floor for Q & A. Got something to say about health care reform? I’m ready. Bring it on.


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