are you represented?

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the twenty organizations that spent the most on health care lobbying in the first half of 2009 were:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce ($26.2 million), Exxon ($13.6), Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturer’s Assoc. ($13.1), Chevron ($12.8), General Electric ($12.3), Pfizer ($11.7), National Assoc of Realtors ($9.6), Blue Cross/Blue Shield ($9.5), AARP ($9.4), Verizon ($9.3), ConocoPhillips ($9.3), American Hospital Assoc ($8.5), American Medical Assoc ($8.5), AT&T ($8.2), B.P. ($7.6), Altria Group ($7.5), Business Roudtable ($7.3), Eli Lilly ($7.0), National Cable & Telecom Assoc ($6.9), and Lockheed Martin ($6.8).

Are these people who represent you and your interests? If not, it’s time to get informed and get involved!


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