we’re in business

It’s here! I’ve got an actual hard copy of House of Hope and Fear in my hot little hands, and it’s just become available on amazon.com.

So here’s a funny little something about book publishing: a book’s official publication date is mostly a cue signaling the beginning of a book’s publicity campaign. By that date, most books have been in stores for days, if not weeks. The official pub date for House of Hope and Fear is August 15, for example, but “publication” is already happening, zip code by zip code, as the book is shipped to sellers.

So it’ll be in local bookstores sometime this week and everywhere else by early August. Exciting times!


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  1. decha charoenchai

    We are glad your works are getting national attentions. Audrey, enjoy having fun with writing and simple life.

    American Education is great. One can start as a History majored and finish as a M.D. This could not happen in Thailand.

    We’ll read the books and give comments.


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